Aidan Dahlin Nolan

Dissertation or MRP title:
Performing Ranger: Portaging Garrison Creek


photo of Aidan NolanAidan Dahlin Nolan is a PhD student from the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at York University. He also holds an MA in Performance Studies from NYU, a B.Ed from York, and a Hon.BA from U of T. Working in the emerging field of performance and ecology, Aidan is specifically interested in wetlands, other marginalized habitats, and the earthling creatures that call these places home. His work attempts to bring people into a more sensual relationship with these communities by finding ways in which different creatures can work in concert to create healthier environments. Aidan is hopeful that we can change what we do, and how we do it, so that we can avert irreparable harm to our planet. Currently, Aidan is performing as a “Neighbourhood Park Ranger” for the Homegrown National Park project. This project operates as a community-based collaboration between over 15 NGOs – led by the David Suzuki Foundation – and the people who live around Toronto’s now buried Garrison Creek. As part of the Homegrown National Park, Aidan started “Community Canoe” to create pollinator habitat along the old route of the creek, while connecting people to the area’s watery past as well as a potentially watery future.

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Community Canoe

Ranger Aidan, July 2014