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Student Profiles

Current PhD Students

Name Dissertation/Thesis/MRP Title/ Research interests
Batchelor, Brian Tourism in the Mayan Riviera; performative economies; post-colonialism
Bennett, Melanie "Failing to Succeed: A Dramaturgy of Failure in Performance"
Dahlin Nolan, Aidan Performance and ecology, thing theory, tactical media, and community arts-based activism.
Elliott, Pavitra "The Theatrical Conditions Underlying the Re-Formation of Shakespeare's Texts in the Restoration Period”
Feltham, Kymberley "Making Dance in South Africa Twenty Years After Apartheid"
Fournier, Lauren Intersections of performance art and video; critical psychiatry
Garcia Lopez, Saul Casting practices in Mexican telenovellas
Hanson, Nicholas Arts administration; cultural policy
Hawkes, Terri Theatrical representations of motherhood; performances of mother-subjects; breastfeeding practices on and off-stage
High, Bradley Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards; performance ethnography; affect theory
King, Moynan “Women Performing Stillness: Gender, Theatre and Tableau Vivant”
Kulsinski, Wiktor “Absurdist Discourses in New Polish Dramaturgy”
Mcleod, Kimberley "Theatre, Performance and Digital Tools: Modelling New Modes of Political Engagement"
Mendonca, Marlene “Stage-Struck Girls: Challenging Female Identity and Creating Space for the Modern “Girl” in Theatre (1900-1914)”
Morgan, Sally Improvisation, ecosomatics, embodiment, site-specific dance, place, environmental/place-based education, performance/practice as research
Nearing, Dawn Actor training; contemporary Canadian theatre
Nelles, LJ “Revealing Voices: Embodied Practice in Theatre and Health”
Nyarady, Zita “Stories in Flight: Exploring the Process of Transformative Embodied Story Telling in Social Circus in North America”
Owen, David “Performance Through an Avatar: Video Games as an Expression of Affect, Narrative Agency, and Ideology”
Robertson-Palmer, Sean Hip hop performance and culture; gender studies; ethnography; cultural studies; art as activism
Schwartz, Shira “Between Letter and Spirit: The Ontology of Jewish Performance ”
Tumarkin, Pola “An Unrecognized Legacy: Michel Saint-Denis and the Canadian Theatre"
Vosters, Helene “Good Mourning Canada? A feminist analysis of Canada’s popular ‘Highway of Heroes’ memorial phenomena”
Wagner, Anton “The Habitus of Mackenzie King: Canadian Artists, Cultural Capital, and the Struggle for Power”
Whittal, Edward Food and Performance, Cultural Geography, Performance Theory, Ephemerality and Documentation
Wier, Claudia Commedia dell’arte; opera troupes of Renaissance Italy; political theatre; opera performance
Wilcox, Richard “Variants of Autobiographical Performance in the Works of Daniel MacIvor”

Recent PhD Graduates


Dissertation Title & Supervisor

Al-Azraki, Amir A. “Clash of the Barbarians: The Representation of Political Violence in Contemporary English and Arabic Language Plays About Iraq"
Supervisor: Christopher Innes
Dixon, Everett “Lloyd Richards in Rehearsal”
Supervisor: Leslie Sanders
(To be conferred at June 2014 convocation)
Griffith, Anna Marie “Excursions into Otherness: Marketing Exoticism in Yoga, Kickboxing and Capoeira”
Supervisor: Laura Levin
(To be conferred at June 2014 convocation)
Keleta-Mae, Naila "(Re) Positioning Myself: Female and Black in Canada"
Supervisor: Leslie Sanders
Laviolette, Byron "From Clowns to Computers Performing Theatrical Interactivity and Pervasive Transmedia Fictions"
Supervisor: Don Rubin
(To be conferred at June 2014 convocation)
Lane, William “Signs of Wanting: Re-thinking Dramatic Motivation Within the Terms of the 'Return to Freud"
Supervisor: Laura Levin
O’Hara, Jean "Up/Staging Two-Spirit Plays: Unsettling Sexuality and Gender"
Supervisor: Marlis Schweitzer
Ravid, Ofer "Presentness: Developing Presence Through Physophysical Actor-Training"
Supervisor: Laura Levin
(To be conferred at June 2014 convocation)
Rutherford, Annabel L. M. "The Dramatic Use of Pictorial Structures in Proscenium Arch Plays: 1845-2009"
Supervisor: Christopher Innes
Thistle, Lindsay “Myth and History: Representations of War on the Canadian Stage from 1960-2011”
Supervisor: Don Rubin

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