Christine Bellerose

Dissertation or MRP title:
Being Time: Ma in Performance of Movement Art


photo of Christine BelleroseChristine cricri Bellerose is an interdisciplinary scholar-artist, born in Montreal. She explores hybrid forms of movement art, ritual performance, and new media reactive technology. Her research focuses on the metamorphosis from performer to performer-in-performance. Bellerose lived and created in China and Vietnam from 1999-2008. Western and Eastern philosophies permeate her art. Experimental, eclectic, and avant-garde, the artist has performed on the alternative scene in Beijing, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Black Rock City since 2004. She exhibited her erotic installation, “The Writhing/Les É-cris,” at Imagine Gallery in Beijing, participated in La Pocha Nostra performance in Toronto, embodied the “Yellow Umbrella” crisis at festival Phénomena, and curated an interdisciplinary exhibition, “Artist as Shaman,” at Eastern Bloc in Montreal. Since 2010, Bellerose has been performing world-memories through her butoh alter ego, 'Dalidada'. In 2014, she trained in somatic works with dance scholar Sondra Fraleigh. Bellerose's most recent project is a performative listening of Métis and Indigenous artifacts, project funded by Canada Arts Council. Bellerose holds a B.F.A. in Theatre and Development from Concordia University. She is completing an M.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies at York University. Her Masters Research Paper aims to study the phenomena of 'presence' in movement performance art through the perspective of Zen Buddhism 'ma' time-space.

What you like to do when you aren’t being a grad student
Perform and explore in situ; train body and soul in workshops; get acquainted/revisit performers-scholars & artist collectives & peers through workshops; Burning Man; outdoor daytime dancing; walk in the snow; transformative & trance festival & camping; wine & beer & cheese & olive oil tasting; philosophy; thrift store shopping; meditation&retreat; one way ticket to unknown destination; social activism; pet dogs and cats; local farm/garden food in foreign and familiar lands; seek extreme thrills


Dalidada Masks of Gods Christine Bellerose York Dalidada Abanico Negro (2012)

York Dalidada Yellow Umbrella (2014) York Dalidada Between the impossible and possible journey (2013) oPara Terra (2014)