Cristina Kindl


Cristina began her academic studies at the University of Ottawa, studying Piano Performance in their Bachelor of Music program. She then transferred to York University where she received her Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Theatre Studies. She spent the final year of her degree in England studying History and Archaeology.

Upon returning to Canada she received her first professional acting job as an actor/writer/researcher at the Canadian Museum of Civilization's within their resident theatre company, "Dramamuse". Since then she has developed and taught theatre workshops, primarily specializing in Interactive Theatre. Over the years she has worked as an actor with several different theatre companies. She also produced, directed and performed her own show, a Commedia dell’Arte based Italian Storytelling Cabaret.

In addition, she has experience both behind the camera and in front of the camera working on short films, including one award-winning short edited by the N.F.B.

Her roster of experience also delves into Festival and Theatre event management. She has worked as a translator in both French and Italian, most recently translating an Italian novel.

Her research interests focus on the roots of movement and gesture cross-culturally and in an interdisciplinary vein.

What you like to do when you aren’t being a grad student
Watching films, and theatre. Reading, writing, hiking, boxing and dancing.