David Owen

Dissertation or MRP title:
Performance through an Avatar: Exploring Affect and Ideology through Narrative in Videogames


photo of David OwenDavid Owen is a PhD candidate in Theatre Studies at York University and holds a MFA in Directing and a MA in Dramatic Theory. He is a scholar, award-winning playwright, director, gamer, and member of the Playwright's Guild of Canada (PGC). His current research focus is on the intersection of performance and videogames and was published last year in the anthology _Ctrl-Alt-Play: Essays on Control in Video Gaming_. His article, "Cyber Narrative and the Gaming Cyborg" is being published this fall in the _Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds_ and he recently had an article on burlesque and roller-derby published in the _Canadian Theatre Review_. For the PCAC he presented "The Paradox of Liveness: Presence and Intermediality in Performance" in Calgary in 2014 and in 2013 he presented "The Comedy of Loss: The Plays of Morris Panych" at the CATR conference in Victoria. He currently lives in Toronto, is writing his dissertation, and plays keyboards and theremin in the Goth band, Amy's Arms.

What you like to do when you aren’t being a grad student
Play keyboards for the Toronto Goth band, Amy's Arms.