Haritha Popuri


photo of Haritha PopuriHaritha Popuri is an MA student hailing most recently from Halifax, on a thrilling detour from her BA in the history of science and religious studies. She is excited to complement her experiences producing, directing, stage-managing, and acting with an academic approach. Her research interests encompass memorial practices, political theatre, temporality and alterity ethics in performance, and site-specific interventions. She has an abiding love of Jewish ceremony, messianism, and diasporic humour, which she dreams of channelling into a side-career in Yiddish dramaturgy—or a musical about Sabbatai Zvi. A new arrival in Toronto, she is endlessly fascinated by the volume, pace, and chance encounters of a big city. Through the programme at York and her current internship with the Rhubarb Festival, she hopes to gain the courage and competence to execute an installation piece titled ‘The NeferTTC,’ in which modern commute on the subway is juxtaposed with the cosmic, underground commute of ancient Egyptian deities.

What you like to do when you aren’t being a grad student
Listen to podcasts, collect stationery, dance unabashedly, whistle poorly