Hayley Eidelman


photo of Hayley EidelmanHayley Eidelman is an MA student in Theatre & Performance Studies. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph in theatre studies with a minor in political science. Her experience at Guelph helped shape her research interests in Canadian theatre, specifically in regards to identity politics and what it means for theatre to be “Canadian”. Her interest in Theatre for Young Audiences is also a subject for research exploration through this nationalism lens, stemming from her work with youth and theatre. Hayley’s actor training from Guelph has additionally sparked an interest in feminist theatre, in particular examining what the union of female bodies onstage means for an audience through “collectivity” and an emphasis on movement-based theatre. Hayley looks forward to furthering these interests both in her academic and practical theatre work.

What you like to do when you aren’t being a grad student
When not being a grad student, Hayley likes to focus on her theatre production experience through her love of stage management. She is currently working on a show as a stage manager, as well as furthering her technical skills through her GA-ship’s focus on production. Hayley also loves to work with children in theatre, teaching them basic theatrical skills and has even put on several children’s plays for a summer camp. She is currently working with the camp to help shape the program for the next summer in order to better the experience for the youth learning theatre as this is of great importance to her. She hopes to explore both of these passions through the internship component of her MA degree.