Helene Vosters

Dissertation or MRP title:
Good Mourning Canada? Canadian military commemoration and its lost subjects


photo of Helene VostersHelene Vosters is an artist, activist and scholar. She is a PhD candidate in Theatre and Performance Studies at York University where her performance and research focus is on the role of public commemoration practices in constructing narratives related to nationalism, militarism and violence. Helene has published articles on the performance and politics of memory in Performance Research, Canadian Theatre Review, Canadian Journal of Practice-Based Research in Theatre, and Frakicija; book sections in Theatre of Affect (Playwright Canada Press 2014), and Performing Objects and Theatrical Things (Palgrave 2014); and has performed her memorial meditations Impact Afghanistan War; Unravel: A meditation on the warp and weft of militarism, and Haunting the Past’s Present throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe. She presented her most recent memorial performance, Shot at Dawn in Toronto on Remembrance Day, 2014.

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Shot at Dawn, Remembrance Day 2014 Unravel thread-by-thread unsewing circle at Armley Mills, Leeds Impact Afghanistan War, Canada Day 2010, through Canada Day 2011 Mourning Dove