Marco Castelli


photo of Marco CastelliMarco is twenty-two year old Master’s Student in Theatre and Performance Studies. My main areas of research interest include sex and sexuality and its connection to law and legal policy as a performative instrument. I have analyzed and deconstructed the complex relationship between law and society. I have encountered numerous examples which articulate that changes in public policy and legislation do not necessarily coincide with changes in societal attitude, social norms and discourse. There is an undeniable miscommunication between the institution of the law and the construction of society. Through my research I wish to explore the connection between theatre and sexuality, queerness and gender identity. Further exploring theatre and drama as a pedagogical instrument through which meaning connections and personal narrative can come together to inform our views on sexuality and legal policy.

What you like to do when you aren’t being a grad student
Oddly, When not completing grad work, I can usually be found with my nose in a book! I love to read and experience new worlds, stories and ideas.