Morgan Anderson


photo of Morgan AndersonMorgan holds a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree in Drama from Queen’s University (Kingston). Her research interests include the agency of objects in performance and the human body as object and performer. In her practical work she likes to create devised, immersive theatre experiences and most recently worked with Colliding Scopes Theatre in Kingston on a site responsive adaptation of The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Through her work with Huronia Historical Parks Morgan became interested in theories of historic interpretation and how we perform the past. She is also an avid juggler and unicyclist who is always seeking ways to incorporate those passions into her academic life.

What you like to do when you aren’t being a grad student
I currently work for the Haunted Walk of Toronto as a tour guide and my favourite past times are juggling, unicycling, people-watching, running, and exploring new, local coffee shops and ice cream parlours.

photo of a kneeling woman holding small pieces of paper

Abbey Lee Hallett performing in "A Great Many Women", a devised, immersive theatre experience with Colliding Scopes Theatre

photo of a line of people on a stage

Morgan on left preparing for the final bows of the Limestone City Juggling Festival 2015

photo of a woman kneeling with small objects arranged in a semi-circle in front of her

Morgan performing in a devised theatre piece caled "The Space Between" with The Acts of Resistance Collective