Student Research Projects and Events

Graduate Student Association

Many of our students are active in our Graduate Student's Association (GSA), which represents the graduate programs (MFA, MA, and PhD) in the Department of theatre.  The GSA is responsible for organizing a wide range of extracurricular activities for students throughout the year, including pub nights, group outings to performances, and events where students share their ongoing research and artistic work with one another.

Graduate Student Symposium

Each year, our program supports a symposium conceived, organized, and facilitated by Theatre & Performance Studies graduate students.  This symposium provides an opportunity for dialogue between both emerging and established scholars from across Canada, as well as opportunity to bridge the artist/scholar divide through the inclusion of multiple types of presentations such as academic papers, roundtables, performances, and installations.  Past symposium themes have included Critically Kinaesthetic: Performing Bodies of Political Engagement, Performance in/and the Street, and Activist Performance in/and Canada.

Current MA & PhD Students

NameDissertation/Thesis/MRP Title/ Research interests
Batchelor, BrianTourism in the Mayan Riviera; performative economies; post-colonialism
Bennett, Melanie“Failing to Succeed: A Dramaturgy of Failure in Performance”
Dahlin Nolan, AidanPerformance and ecology, thing theory, tactical media, and community arts-based activism.
Elliott, Pavitra“The Theatrical Conditions Underlying the Re-Formation of Shakespeare’s Texts in the Restoration Period”
Feltham, Kymberley“Body Politics and Performance in South Africa 20 years after Apartheid”; performance studies, dance studies, post-colonial and decolonial theory, critical whiteness studies, nationhood and identity politics, and ethnographic methodology practices as they intersect with the practices of contemporary dance, physical theatre, and performance art in post-apartheid South Africa
Fournier, LaurenIntersections of performance art and video; critical psychiatry
Garcia Lopez, SaulCasting practices in Mexican telenovellas
Hawkes, TerriTheatrical representations of motherhood; performances of mother-subjects; breastfeeding practices on and off-stage
High, BradleyActing theory, contemporary Western actor training practices, experimental ethnography, performance philosphy, and the Workcentre of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards
King, Moynan“Women Performing Stillness: Gender, Theatre and Tableau Vivant”
Kulinski, Wiktor“Absurdist Discourses in New Polish Dramaturgy”; Experimental/Imaginative ethnography, 1.5 generation, Polish diaspora, weak theory, cultural poiesis, performance studies
Lancia, AlexGender and sexuality studies, specifically attitudes towards, and patterns of nudity and nakedness on and off stage in Canada
McLeod, Kimberley“Theatre, Performance and Digital Tools: Modelling New Modes of Political Engagement”; Intermediality, digital activism, political theatre and participatory media in performance
Mendonca, Marlene“Stage-Struck Girls: Challenging Female Identity and Creating Space for the Modern “Girl” in Theatre (1900-1914)”
Morgan, SallyImprovisation, ecosomatics, embodiment, site-specific dance, place, environmental/place-based education, performance/practice as research
Nearing, DawnActor training; contemporary Canadian theatre
Nelles, LJ“Revealing Voices: Embodied Practice in Theatre and Health”
Nyarady, Zita“Stories in Flight: Exploring the Process of Transformative Embodied Story Telling in Social Circus”
On, DylanDigital performance, intermediality, new media, interactive performance
Owen, David“Performance Through an Avatar: Video Games as an Expression of Affect, Narrative Agency, and Ideology”
Papierz, LizEthnography and performance, Urban performance, Olympics, Horses and performance
Robertson-Palmer, SeanHip hop performance and culture; gender studies; ethnography; cultural studies; art as activism
Schwartz, Shira“Between Letter and Spirit: The Ontology of Jewish Performance”; Performing Jewishness and Sexuality
Shoeir, MiretteTheatre as a vehicle for change
Tumarkin, Pola“An Unrecognized Legacy: Michel Saint-Denis and the Canadian Theatre”
Wagner, Anton“The Habitus of Mackenzie King: Canadian Artists, Cultural Capital, and the Struggle for Power”
Whittal, EdwardFood and Performance, Cultural Geography, Performance Theory, Ephemerality and Documentation
Wier, Claudia“‘A Confusion of Characters’ in the Gestural Migration of the Commedia dell’Arte”; Regulation of the grotesque gesture embodied by comedic actors within the city of Venice and tracing the cultural/temporal migrations of embodied grotesque, comedic gesture
Wilcox, Richard“Variants of Autobiographical Performance in the Works of Daniel MacIvor”

Recent PhD Graduates

NameDissertation Title & Supervisor
Al-Azraki, Amir A.“Clash of the Barbarians: The Representation of Political Violence in Contemporary English and Arabic Language Plays About Iraq”
Supervisor: Christopher Innes
Dixon, Everett“Lloyd Richards in Rehearsal”
Supervisor: Leslie Sanders
Griffith, Anna Marie“Excursions into Otherness: Marketing Exoticism in Yoga, Kickboxing and Capoeira”
Supervisor: Laura Levin
Keleta-Mae, Naila“(Re) Positioning Myself: Female and Black in Canada”
Supervisor: Leslie Sanders
Laviolette, Byron“From Clowns to Computers Performing Theatrical Interactivity and Pervasive Transmedia Fictions”
Supervisor: Don Rubin
Lane, William“Signs of Wanting: Re-thinking Dramatic Motivation Within the Terms of the ‘Return to Freud”
Supervisor: Laura Levin
O’Hara, Jean“Up/Staging Two-Spirit Plays: Unsettling Sexuality and Gender”
Supervisor: Marlis Schweitzer
Ravid, Ofer“Presentness: Developing Presence Through Physophysical Actor-Training”
Supervisor: Laura Levin
Rutherford, Annabel L. M.“The Dramatic Use of Pictorial Structures in Proscenium Arch Plays: 1845-2009″
Supervisor: Christopher Innes
Thistle, Lindsay“Myth and History: Representations of War on the Canadian Stage from 1960-2011”
Supervisor: Don Rubin
Vosters, Helene"Good Mourning Canada? Canadian Military Commemoration and its Lost Subjects."
Aisha's research interest

(MA) Bentham, Aisha's research interests: The intersection of food, wellness and performance. With sub areas in ancestry, location and memory.

Marta Shpak's project. A girl holding a doll.

(MA) Shpak, Marta's project title: Let The Children Be.

Danielle Alfaro's research interest

(PhD) Alfaro, Danielle's research interest: Traditional folk dancing performed by the Salvadoran diaspora in Canada and its relationship to activism and identity.

Elan Marchinko's research interest

(PhD) Marchinko, Elan's research interest: Histories of colonialism and its redress, feminist, queer, and critical race theory, intercultural performance and dance studies, performance, memory, and trauma, gendered racial violence surrounding representations of indigenous life worlds in Canada.