Thea Fitz-James


thea-fitz-james-profileThea Fitz-James is part academic, part journalist, and part theatre practitioner. She holds an undergraduate degree in Drama/Theatre from McGill (Montreal) and Journalism from University of King’s College (Halifax) and a Masters in Theatre and Performance Studies at York University (Toronto). Her performance work and research interests focus on contemporary feminist theatre, explicit body art, performance art, and textiles in performance. When not in the library or on stage, Thea teaches and directs youth theatre. She is currently working on her PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies at York University.

What you like to do when you aren’t being a grad student
Knit, watch crappy TV, patio beers with friends, going to plays.


Needle Piece, Oct 2013 6 hour durational piece with Link&Pin at hub14 Drunk Girl, May 2014 NAKED LADIES, Dec 2013, Aug 2015