Wiktor Kulinski

Dissertation or MRP title:
Performing In-Between Identities: Experimental Ethnography of 1.5-Generation Polish-Canadians


photo of Wiktor KulinskiWiktor Kulinski is an experimental ethnographer working with Polish/Canadian 1.5-generation migrants living in Kaszuby, Ontario. He is interested in how migrants negotiate the complex and disparate sociocultural forces that shape identity at the ground level of the everyday. His methodology is interdisciplinary, traversing theatre of political engagement, anthropology, and performance theory. Kulinski is a playwright, having published and produced work that reimagines Eastern European absurdist drama. He has directed adaptations of absurdist works, under his acting company Billy Walsh, and has served as dramaturg in others. Kulinski is the inaugural President of the Theatre & Performance Studies Graduate Students’ Association, and serves as a board member of the Brantford Arts Block.

What you like to do when you aren’t being a grad student
Whenever I can, I hack and assemble electronics. I especially love building things that do the spectacular, in places that you would never expect technology to be. My home is smarter than most (think Jetsons). I have a vision of how technology can be incorporated into the everyday, and strive to make a cyborgian fantasy come true. My interests are as broad and disparate as my own cultural identity. The desire to tinker comes from being an astute observer. I love to figure things out, to understand how it all works.

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